July 23, 2007 16:44 Age: 7 yrs

Professor Abrams Speaks About Partnership Carried Interests

Professor Howard E. Abrams

Emory Law Professor Howard E. Abrams recently spoke on a panel before the U.S. Senate Finance and Banking committees on the topic of partnership carried interests. The panel, arranged by the Managed Fund Association, helped to clarify some of the issues surrounding the taxation of partnership carried interests.

Carried interests, which are currently the subject of multiple bills pending before Congress, are used to compensate hedge fund managers, real estate developers and other partners contributing services and capital to a partnership.

Professor Abrams, a nationally-recognized expert on partnership taxation, also spoke on the same subject to the Real Estate Roundtable Tax Advisory Committee in Washington, D.C., and has published a related article on the taxation of carried interests which appeared in the July 16 issue of Tax Notes.

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