June 20, 2012 13:55 Age: 2 yrs

New International Law Articles by Late Emory Law Professor Bederman Published

Recent writing by late Emory Law Professor David J. Bederman (1961-2011) has been published in the April edition of The American Journal of International Law, and the upcoming book, The Oxford Guide to Treaties.

Bederman’s contribution to the AJIL is “Jurisprudence of the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission: Albania Claims.” The article examines compensation for United States nationals “for losses resulting from acts of the Albanian government that occurred before the end of Communist rule in 1991.” Bederman provides an overview of awarded and denied claims and an analysis of “difficulties posed for dual nationals by the Agreed Minute appended to the original agreement,” according to the Journal’s summary. The April edition also contains an in memoriam chapter for Bederman, who served on the Journal’s Board of Editors.

Bederman’s chapter for the forthcoming Oxford Guide to Treaties, edited by Duncan B. Hollis, is “Third Party Rights and Obligations in Treaties.” Bederman was one of 27 worldwide scholars who contributed to the book. Hollis’ work focuses on treaties and other forms of international agreement, examining the formation, interpretation, and application of treaties and political commitments in international, comparative and constitutional contexts,” according to the book’s summary.

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