At Emory Law, we strive to ensure our students have access to some of the leading legal scholars from the U.S. and from around the world—providing you with numerous opportunities to work closely with experts both inside and outside the classroom.

Because of our excellent faculty-student ratio, we can foster closer interactions among students and faculty, creating a lively intellectual environment.

Emory Law faculty members come to the classroom with extensive, real-world experience. They have clerked for federal judges, practiced law for the government, the public interest sector and in private firms. They often are called upon to provide testimony and expertise in courtrooms, legislatures, Congress and before various agencies and organizations.

Our faculty members are renowned for their innovative and dynamic teaching, and they are published in leading law reviews, books and textbooks.

At Emory Law, our faculty will help you realize your goals and will push you to explore new opportunities. They will be your teachers, your partners and your mentors as you learn and grow during your three years here.

Abstracts and Full-Text Research and Scholarship

The Emory University School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper Series provides access to abstracts and full-text versions of research and scholarship by Emory Law faculty members.

In addition, Emory Law offers internationally renowned centers of excellence that are interdisciplinary, integrative and international in nature and celebrate the profession of service.

Student Perspective

"I loved the professors at Emory. I took employment law with Professor Shanor, who had been general counsel of the EEOC under President Reagan, and fell in love with his class. I took every class he taught, became very close with him and his family, and still talk to him on a regular basis. He gave me the passion for employment law, and I'm very grateful to him."

- Jessica Boar 02L
Associate, Bingham McCutchen
Los Angeles, Calif.
President of Emory Law Alumni Association of Los Angeles