Law of War Training

Law of War Training: Resources for Military and Civilian Leaders is a resource manual on training for militaries in the law of armed conflict.

Law of War Training examines different programs and models for law of war training for militaries, including national training, governmental bilateral assistance training, and participation in international programs. The manual includes three main sections: 

  1. an analysis of the different options for pursuing military training in the law of armed conflict
  2. a directory of programs and models for law of war training
  3. web links with information about the laws of war in general and law of war training. 

Countries around the world can reference the manual to help ensure that their military forces are trained in the laws of war in accordance with the obligations set forth in the Geneva Conventions and, if they do not currently have such training, can use it in initiating law of war training for their own militaries.  

Update In Progress

We currently are updating the manual for publication of the second edition, which will be a joint project of the International Humanitarian Law Clinic and the United States Institute of Peace. Countries can submit the appropriate information for the manual through the secure online survey link, which includes questions about training for national militaries and foreign bilateral assistance training. In addition, the manual will be continually updated on this website and the information available on the searchable database link(coming soon). 

Please direct any questions to lawofwar(at)