Emory Exchange for Transactional Training Materials

Emory’s Center for Transactional Law and Practice is delighted to host the Emory Exchange for Transactional Training Materials.

The Emory Exchange will electronically store syllabi, PowerPoint slides, exercises, and other transactional teaching materials that professors and practitioners submit.  Eligible users will be able to download relevant materials for use in class. 

As transactional education has expanded, the need for high quality training materials has continued to grow.  Unfortunately, we do not yet have enough textbooks that adequately address our need for teaching materials.  As a result, professors and practitioners labor to create materials for their courses.  Generally, the only way to gain access to these terrific teaching materials is by word of mouth or a request on a list serv.  Our hope is that the Emory Exchange will facilitate the growth of transactional education by being a source of high quality teaching materials. 

To submit materials for the Emory Exchange, complete this online form, which includes a signed license and release. If appropriate, please include a model answer with your materials.

All materials will be password protected to prevent unauthorized access.

If you are willing to share your materials, but would prefer not to post them, please describe them briefly in an e-mail to Ms. Patterson and provide the necessary contact information.

To obtain access to these materials, e-mail Edna Patterson, who will arrange a username and password.