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Emory hosts the Deals Listserv.  It provides a forum for the easy exchange of information and ideas with respect to the teaching of transactional skills.  The interdisciplinary discussions should be particularly constructive, providing synergy where perhaps it didnít exist before.   The e-mail address for exchanging information and ideas is:  DEALSLISTSERV(at)LISTSERV.CC.EMORY.EDU.

Sign up for our listserv by clicking here and following the directions below:

How to join the listserv:

Step 1) Go to

Step 2) Type Dealslistserv (one word) in "Access Unlisted Lists" or  click on "[CTS-DIGI]" to access Dealslistserv (see section circled below.)

Step 3) Under "Dealslistserv" Home Page- Click on"Get Password."


Step 4) Type in your e-mail address and your name and click the the "Register Password" tab.