Kessler-Eidson Program for Trial Techniques

The Kessler-Eidson Program for Trial Techniques is characterized by its teaching methodology, which seeks to integrate the second-year law student's existing knowledge of substantive evidence with the introduction of practical trial skills through a "learn-by-doing" format. 

The workshops are conducted under this methodology with the following pedagogical goals:

  1. Integrate case analysis and relevance to provide improved understanding of each and their critical relationship to one another;
  2. Teach hearsay and character evidence concepts in the context of direct and cross examination;
  3. Provide practice at evidentiary foundations, authenticating exhibits, and making and refuting objections to better understand the Federal Rules of Evidence on original writings, authentication, relevance, hearsay and to help bring about better chain of custody foundations;
  4. Develop greater sensitivity for the understanding of audience and the relationship to the development of theories and themes through jury voire doire exercises;
  5. Strengthen the art of persuasiveness in the presentation of evidence through exercises that familiarize and build confidence in the use of technology to display exhibits;
  6. Develop strategic insight and best alternative settlement analytical skills in negotiation simulations; and
  7. Enhance emotional command and problem solving skills in tense adversarial situations through mock mediation exercises.

The spring workshops are conducted by some of Atlanta's finest trial lawyers and evidence teachers. As a result of their participation, you will get an opportunity to work closely with these lawyers (in groups as small as 10-12 students) and not only get their insights about the marriage of practice and theory, but also have a chance to demonstrate your oral advocacy skills to them.

In addition, Emory Law has partnered with downtown Atlanta law firms and law offices to provide you the opportunity to learn on location at their offices.

Current participants include:

  • Alston & Bird
  • DeKalb County Public Defenders' Office
  • Federal Public Defender's Office
  • Harrison & Ford
  • Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young
  • Jones Day
  • Kilpatrick Stockton
  • King & Spalding
  • McKenna Long & Aldridge
  • Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
  • Troutman Sanders
  • US Attorney's Office

During the May session, Emory Law hosts more than 60 nationally known trial lawyers, judges, and trial teachers to bring their different styles and regional perspectives to your growth and development as an advocate. We have a loyal group of excellent litigator/teachers who really enjoy teaching and who make the program fun. We work hard, learn a lot, and have a great time.