Barton Juvenile Defender Clinic

The Barton Juvenile Defender Clinic (JDC), a clinical offering of the Barton Child Law & Policy Center, is an in-house legal clinic dedicated to providing holistic legal representation for children in delinquency and status offense proceedings.    

The Juvenile Defender Clinic is open to third-year law students who are admitted to practice law under Georgia's Third-Year Practice Act. The student attorneys represent child clients in juvenile court and provide legal advocacy in the areas of school discipline, special education, mental health, and public benefits, when such advocacy is derivative of a client’s juvenile court case.  Students may also engage in research and participate in the development of public policy related to juvenile justice issues.

Know Your Rights Program

Studies show that the vast majority of juveniles do not understand basic rights such as their Miranda rights. In the Know Your Rights Program, Emory Law students work with at-risk youth to inform them of their rights during encounters with law enforcement or during involvement in the juvenile justice system. Know Your Rights is a volunteer, pro bono activity open to the entire law school.

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