Steve Ferketic 13L

Undergraduate institution: University of Connecticut
Major: Biology, Political Science

Why did you decide to apply for a Woodruff Fellowship?

When I first began researching law schools, I immediately placed Emory on my “to apply” list because of the school’s excellent reputation. When I learned there was an opportunity to attend Emory for free as a Woodruff Fellow, applying seemed like a no brainer!

Was it a factor in you choosing Emory Law for your legal education?

The Woodruff Fellowship definitely factored into my decision to attend Emory.  When I visited campus for the Woodruff Fellowship interview weekend, I was impressed by both the Emory Law community and the Woodruff community.  Emory’s professors seemed approachable, engaging and concerned with their student’s education.  Those impressions have certainly turned out to be true.  The night before the final interview for the Woodruff Fellowship, there was a Woodruff banquet which was attended by many past fellows.  It was inspiring to talk with so many accomplished lawyers and learn how the Woodruff contributed to their careers.  I was impressed by their continued commitment to the fellowship and willingness to help and mentor current Woodruffs.

What does being a Woodruff Scholar mean to you?

I think the Woodruff Fellowship places an emphasis on community.  As a law student, it is expected that you positively contribute to the Emory Law and Atlanta communities.  As lawyer, it is expected that you positively contribute to your local community and the legal profession. Interacting with past Woodruff Fellows has given me many different ideas about how I could positively impact the community as a law student and later as a lawyer. 

How has being a Woodruff Scholar shaped your law school career?

As a first-year student, my law school career has only just begun. However, being a Woodruff Scholar has made me feel free to fully explore the many career paths one can take with a JD. It is possible for me to pursue opportunities that may not have been possible without such a generous scholarship.

What all went in to the application process for becoming a Woodruff Scholar? How hard was the process?

The process of applying for a Woodruff Fellowship was easy.  I completed the standard Emory application, and asked a recommender to submit the Woodruff recommendation letter. When I learned I was selected as finalist for the award, I was nervous about the interview, but the interview weekend ended up being quite fun. I met 11 interesting, passionate people, attended several dinners and got to interact with many members of the Emory faculty.