Laura S. Huffman 08L

Undergraduate institution: Georgia Institute of Technology
Major: Electrical Engineering
Current position/employer
: Associate Intellectual Property Practice Group King & Spalding in Atlanta

Why did you decide to apply for a Woodruff Fellowship?

After my campus visit to Emory, I really wanted to attend law school there. I learned of the Woodruff Fellowship and thought my credentials might be a good match so I decided to try for it.

Was it a factor in you choosing Emory Law for your legal education?

Being awarded a Woodruff Fellowship was absolutely a factor in my choosing Emory Law for my legal education—it made it very easy to choose Emory.

What does being a Woodruff Scholar mean to you?

Being a Woodruff Scholar is a wonderful honor.  Mr. Woodruff exemplified the combination of great business acumen with support of the community in all facets—education and the arts in particular.  I felt blessed to be selected as a Woodruff Scholar.

How has being a Woodruff Scholar shaped your law school and professional careers?

The best part about being a Woodruff Scholar in law school is the tradition of support for one another.  The upper classes took us under their wings from the beginning.  You have an immediate group of like-minded colleagues, and in time, it becomes your turn to shepherd the new classes.  I expect that many of the Woodruff Scholars I met in law school, will remain lifelong contacts.  In my professional career, I have found that the Woodruff Scholarship is a recognized credential.  It gives you an immediate bond with senior lawyers when they are also Woodruff Scholars.

What all went in to the application process for becoming a Woodruff Scholar? How hard was the process?

The initial part of the application process was the most difficult.  The challenge is to differentiate yourself from the many other excellent applicants based only on your academic record, letter of recommendation, and your personal essay.  In contrast, the in-person weekend was a more comfortable atmosphere; the emphasis is on figuring out whether there was a fit between you and Emory Law on both sides.  That part of the process is designed to put you at ease so that you can be at your best during the interview.  The organizers make sure you know that you may ask the current Woodruffs and other student leaders your candid questions; they will not be part of the assessment process. Overall, in my opinion it is an appropriately challenging and fair process.