Transient/Visiting Students

Any law student who has completed a minimum of one year in good standing at a fully accredited (ABA-AALS) law school may attend Emory Law as a guest student. 

To express interest, write to the Office of Admission. Approval of courses and certification of good standing from the student's own law school are required. A copy of the first page of the students LSDAS Report is required.

Guest students are admitted on a space available basis. Guest students intending to enroll at Emory should be aware of the law school's policy of anonymous grading of exams. This policy does not allow for any individual student's examination to be graded separate from the rest of the class. As a result, Emory often is not able to supply a guest student with grade information at the time required by that student's degree-granting school.

Before choosing to visit Emory, particularly during one's final semester of the third-year of law school, you are urged to consult with your home law school about Emory’s grading policy. This policy could result in a delay in your home school's issuance of your final degree.


Guest applications: June 30 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester.
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