International Applicants

Q. I would like to practice law in the United States, and I have a degree in law from my country outside of the U.S. Is that enough?

A. No, you will need to get a JD from an American law school in order to take the Bar exam, according to the State of Georgia. However, other states have different requirements.  For example, our LLM program will satisfy requirements to practice in New York.

Q. Can I transfer credits from my non-U.S. law school if I come to Emory? If I already have a law degree from my country, do I have to start from scratch?

A. We are not able to transfer credits from non-U.S. law schools because the programs of study are so different. Unless you are transferring from an accredited American law school, you will have to complete the full three-year JD program as a beginning student.

Q. The LSAT is not given in my country. Do I have to take it? Will you waive the LSAT fee for me?

A. The LSAT is mandatory. Contact LSAC to find out the nearest location and time when the LSAT will be given. We are not able to waive the LSAT fee for non-U.S. citizens.

Q. As a non-U.S. citizen, am I eligible for scholarships and loans?

A. You are eligible to apply for scholarships for the JD program. Regarding your eligibility to apply for loans, you should contact the Office of Financial Aid at 404.727.6039.