Notification of Decisions and Deposits

Q. What are the possible decisions made by the Committee?

A. We have three decisions: accept, deny and waitlist.

Q. How soon will I get my decision? Can I get it over the phone?

A. The committee begins making decisions in February. Decision letters are mailed out as they are made. We do not give decisions over the phone. Most students will receive their decision prior to April 1.

Q. Once a decision has been rendered on my file, may I call or e-mail the office to find out when a decision has been made?

A. We do not issue decisions via phone.  Admission decisions are usually communicated via U.S. Mail.  International applicants will usually receive notification via email as well.  Wait list and denial notifications are usually via email.

Q. I was denied; if I send additional materials, will you reconsider your decision?

A. No. All decisions are final; there is no appeal process. You are welcome to reapply the next year, however.

Q. Yay! I was accepted! Now what?

A. If you plan to attend Emory, return the Tuition Deposit Form included with your acceptance packet. We require a first deposit of $250 due by the date specified in your acceptance letter. Later we will require a second deposit of $500 due in the summer, by the date indicated in your letter of acceptance. If both deposits are not made by the required deadlines, your file is considered closed. We do not offer deadline extensions of the deposit.

Q. But I don't have the money to pay the deposit. Can you waive it, or can I have an extension?

A. No, we will not waive the deposits, there are no extensions, and they are non-refundable.

Q. Can I defer my admission?

A. Yes, deferrals are granted on an individual basis for one year. Submit a letter explaining the circumstances and requesting the deferral to the Assistant Dean for Admission.

Q.  Does Emory University provide student housing?

A.  All housing information can be found at