Admission Requirements

Q. What are Emory Law's median GPA and LSAT scores?

A. Our median undergraduate GPA is 3.75. The median LSAT score is 165.

Q. How competitive is the application process?

A. We receive approximately 4,000 applications annually for a class of 245.

Q. Is preference given to Georgia residents?

A. No. All students are evaluated equally, regardless of state of residence.

Q. Can I take just a few classes? What is the cost per credit hour? 

A. No, we have a full time, day program only. We admit beginning students only in the fall. It is possible, however, for an attorney to audit a class.

Q. What is the best pre-law curriculum? How do I prepare for law school?

A. Although some undergraduate schools have a specific pre-law program, no specific program or course of study is necessary to apply to Emory Law. We accept students with majors as diverse as political science, biology, art history, and engineering. Writing skills, logic and analytical skills, as well as organizational skills, are all important for students to perform well in law school.