Cross-Registration with Emory Graduate Schools

One of the extraordinary benefits of being a student at Emory Law School is the access you have to courses and faculty members in the other Emory Graduate Schools. Whether youíre interested in exploring Health Policy with the Rollins School, learning more about empire-building finance at the Goizueta Business School, or developing fluency in French or Spanish at the Laney Graduate School, you should consider taking full advantage of the cross-registration opportunities we offer.   3L and 2L JD students may count up to 3 credits, from courses taken at other Emory graduate schools, toward their degree requirements.

Cross-Registration Requirements

Add: Students interested in cross-registering into or out of the Law School should submit petitions through the Law Schoolís Registrarís Office.

  • Each law student is responsible for first checking OPUS to verify that the course of interest is open.
  • In order to complete the cross-registration process, all students will need to complete and submit their petitions during the host school's cross-registration enrollment period.  To confirm the host school's cross-registration enrollment period, please refer to that schools Academic Calendar or the host schoolís Registrarís Office.

Drop: If you are interested in dropping a cross-registered course, you may do so as long as you are in compliance with all cross-registration deadlines.  In order to drop the cross-registered course, please notify your home (ELS) school's Registrar's Office.  The ELS Registrarís Office will process the drop and notify the host school.

  •  Please note, if an ELS student needs to drop an ELS course after our add/drop deadline due to late acceptance into a cross-registered course, our office will drop you without penalty from the ELS course.

Time Conflicts: Your cross-registered course cannot conflict with anything on your ELS schedule. You must allow travel time between schools as well. You are responsible for understanding the schedule and rules at the school where you cross-register. 

  • Students may not make arrangements with faculty at either school to leave early or arrive late in order to accommodate a cross-registered course.

Approved vs. Enrolled: It is important to note that faculty approval does not guarantee enrollment in the course.  If the faculty member approves your request, you should complete the online form. The Law School will forward onto the host schoolís Registrarís Office your request for final processing.  ELS Registrarís Office will enroll you if there is available space in the course. The Law School must work with the host school to confirm student enrollment, this can take up to 72 hours from time of submission.  

Grades: The host school's grade scale will be the grade of record that will appear on your transcript. It will not, however, be used in the calculation of honors. Grades are not converted between schools. Whatever grade you are assigned at the host school will appear on your ELS transcript.

  • Most graduate schools do not allow pass/fail grading, and you should not try to negotiate different grading with the professor.  If you have any specific questions about grading at the host school, you will want to follow up with their Registrarís Office.