Master of Laws (LLM) Program

Emory’s LLM program offers graduates of U.S. and foreign law schools the opportunity to pursue the Master of Laws degree from one of the top nationally ranked law schools in the United States.

Start in August or in January
Emory enrolls new LLM students in August and in January.  August start LLMs typically complete their degree the following May; January start LLMs typically complete their degree the following December. Apply by October 31 to start in January.

Choose Your LLM Program Option

LLM students choose from three broad tracks, including a traditional LLM in general studies, one of six formal concentrations developed by the Emory Law faculty, or a Joint LLM with Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. All graduates of the LLM program at Emory will receive a diploma stating they have received a Master of Laws degree, regardless of concentration.  The concentrations provide a framework for students to pursue study in specified areas with the general studies option allowing students to work with an academic advisor to craft a curriculum unique to their interests.

LLM, General Studies

Customize your LLM curriculum to match your interests and prepare for your career goals, including taking a US bar exam. 

LLM Concentrations

  • Transactional Law:  Emory is the U.S. leader in training students in transactional law, defined broadly as the skills and knowledge needed by lawyers working in business and commercial settings.  Learn from experienced attorneys and Emory faculty in transactional law courses. 
  • Public Law & Regulation:  Explore questions about the modern regulatory state and the political, legislative and administrative processes that create and control regulatory bodies of law.
  • Child Law and Policy:  Develop advanced skills in the formulation and application of policies and laws affecting children.
  • Human Rights Law:  Explore the theory and practice of human rights law in the national and/or international context.
  • Law and Religion:  Study the religious dimensions of law, the legal dimensions of religion and the interaction of legal and religious ideas and institutions, norms and practices.

Joint LLM with Central European University

Focus on international commercial law and international politics, studying for one semester in Budapest, Hungary, and one semester at Emory Law.

Join the Emory Law Community

  • LLM students study alongside their US classmates in almost all courses.
  • Emory’s LLM program typically includes 30-50 students in total, with recent students coming from China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Georgia, Germany, Guinea, India, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, USA, and Venezuela.
  • Join the LLM Society student organization or one of nearly 40 other student organizations at Emory Law.
  • LLM students are supported by the Graduate Programs Office, dedicated to providing individualized service to help students succeed at Emory.

Excel in Customized Courses for Foreign-Trained LLM Students

  • Introduction to the US Legal System
  • American Legal Writing, Analysis and Research
  • Optional individualized English language and accent reduction coaching

How to Apply

Students interested in applying to the LLM program should complete the online application available through LSAC.

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