TI:GER® Program Overview

All students in the TI:GER® program benefit from:

  • Access to a High-Tech Laboratory Environment for resolving typical start-up business, legal, and organizational issues. The Lab environment also includes exclusive access to research services, various business and regulatory databases, and database services.
  • Opportunities to develop cross-institute and cross-university relationships and business networks as well as practical experience in working cross-culturally between people with deep perspectives and mindsets in business and law.
  • Exposure to leading business executives and professionals.
  • A competitive advantage in the post-graduate job market.

Follow the links on the left to find out more about the program for JD, MBA, and PhD students.

JD Program

In TI:GER®, JD students apply technology law in a laboratory environment leveraging early stage technology developed by PhD candidates in Science and Technology from Georgia Tech. more>>

MBA Program

Incoming first year MBA students are selected for the TI:GER® program based on academic excellence, entrepreneurial or innovation-related work experience, and likely interest in technology commercialization as a career alternative. more>>

PhDs in Science and Engineering

Industry studies indicate that the biggest problems in science and technology research and development are not technology related. more>>