Procedure for Approval of a Summer Externship

Emory does not directly grant academic credit for summer coursework, and does not have a summer externship program. However, students may take a summer externship or comparable course as a “transient student” at another school that offers such a program, and have the credit transfer back to Emory. To do so, the student must follow these steps:

1.     The student asks the intended placement for a list of the schools in whose externship programs the placement has previously participated.

2.     The student selects from this list the schools that s/he wishes to target, and provides those selections in writing to Emory’s Director of Externships, along with links to those schools’ externship programs, and the contact information for the directors or faculty supervisors of those programs. The student should attempt to make at least a preliminary inquiry with the schools to determine whether he/she is eligible for the program.

3.     The Director reviews the programs, and makes contact with the directors/faculty supervisors, to determine whether (a) the program is at least comparable to Emory’s program in rigor, including work hours and classroom component requirements, (b) the program will accept transient students from other schools, and (c) if the program is graded on a pass/fail basis, a Pass at that school is equivalent to a C or better. Only programs that satisfy this criteria will be approved.

4.     The Director provides the student with a list of which programs among his/her selected schools are eligible for approval.

5.     The student makes a written request (email is fine) to the Vice Dean requesting to proceed, courtesy-copying the Assistant Dean for Student Records, attaching/forwarding the Director’s approval.

6.     Upon receiving approval from the Vice Dean, the student is responsible for applying to the approved schools for admission as a transient student, taking the necessary steps to obtain the position at the placement and admission into the other school's externship program.

7.     Upon completion of the summer program, the student is responsible for obtaining the necessary documentation from the host school and providing it to the Assistant Dean for Student Records in order for credit to transfer back to Emory.


1.     This process applies for summer programs only. During the school year, any externships must be taken at Emory unless the student has been approved for transient status elsewhere pursuant to the procedures for approval of full-time transient status.

2.     Because Emory’s program allows no more than two semesters (6 credits) for a single placement, a maximum of 6 credit hours for a single summer placement can be transferred under this procedure.