Campus Ministry

The University Chaplain is responsible for coordination of religious affairs at Emory.

Working closely with the Chaplain are campus ministry staff members assigned by Baptist, Jewish, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Roman Catholic constituencies. The Chaplainís office also assists student religious organizations, such as Emory Christian Fellowship which are interdenominational in character. The united campus ministry approach at Emory enables different religious organizations to plan cooperative programs to serve students, faculty, and staff through worship, teaching, community service, and pastoral care. In addition to the services at Glenn Memorial Church, ecumenical Protestant and Roman Catholic services are held on the campus each Sunday. Jewish services are conducted on the Sabbath and during the observance of high holy days. Visiting speakers, panel discussions, films, study groups, and other religious activities provide a rich variety of opportunities for religious exploration and expression at Emory. The Candler School of Theology and the Department of Religion also provide extraordinary resources for campus religious life. Campus ministers, whose offices are located in the Dobbs University Center, are available for personal consultation as needed by individuals in the campus community.