Degree Requirements

  • 90 law school hours
  • 79 law school hours for JD/MBA, JD/MTS, JD/MDiv, JD/REES, JD/MPH, JD/PhD, JD/MA. All students who transfer to Emory Law from another U.S. JD program who wish to earn a joint degree must earn 79 of 90 hours from the law curriculum. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the Vice Dean.
  • For all degree programs, the majority of required credits for graduation must be earned at the Law School.

Required first-year courses and required upper-level courses

  • First-year
  • Upper-level


Required Upper-Level Classes

  • Evidence (must be taken in 2nd year)
  • Legal Profession
  • Trial Techniques (must be taken in 2nd year)
  • Writing Requirement:
    • Seminar
    • Journal
    • Directed Research


Good Standing Requirements

To be in good academic standing, a student in the JD Program must, based on all course work completed at the conclusion of the second term (the term in which the student completes at least twenty-five semester hours) and thereafter, have a cumulative average of at least 2.25. A student not in good standing is automatically ineligible to continue. Such a student may petition the Law Faculty through the Academic Standings Committee for readmission on probation. It is the obligation of the student to obtain probationary status.

A student on probationary status must complete course work that constitutes ďfull residenceĒ during the probationary term. Student on probation may not attend summer school, take clinical courses or field placements, or participate in Moot Court or any of the three journals.

Students readmitted on probation must take a minimum of ten semester hours of course work, and must achieve a cumulative average of at least 2.25 by the end of the probationary period. A student with a cumulative average less than 2.25 shall not be granted a JD degree.


Non-Joint Degree Students with a semester average of 3.45 or higher on at least ten graded law hours shall be placed on Deanís List.

Joint Degree Students with a semester average of 3.45 or higher on at least five graded law hours shall be placed on Deanís List.


JD students with a final cumulative average of 3.45 graduate With Honors. JD students with a final cumulative average of 3.80 graduate With High Honors. Transfer students are graduated With High Honors or Honors if their averages on work at Emory meet the above requirements. Emory students transient elsewhere are eligible for graduation With High Honors or Honors if (i) their average for work done at Emory was 3.80/3.45 or above and (ii) their average grade for work done while on transient status was at least a B or equivalent numerical grade.


The First Honor Graduate is the student in the graduating class with the highest overall academic average computed on all three years of work done at Emory summer school attendance excluded).

The current grading system at Emory University School of Law is based on F to A+. A grade of F is failing. A cumulative average of 2.25 is required for good standing and for graduation. Letter grade values are set out below.

Letter Grade Values:

A+ 4.3       B+ 3.3      C+ 2.3     D+ 1.3    F 0
A 4.0         B 3.0         C 2.0       D 1.0
A- 3.7        B- 2.7       C- 1.7      D- 0.7


Residence Requirements

JD students must enroll for six semesters with a minimum of 10 hours each semester. However, to be considered full time, students must enroll for at least 12 hours each semester.