October 10, 2012 21:37 Age: 2 yrs

What happens when you team up law students and engineers? The TI:GER program

The world is changing at warp speed. That’s why Emory Law is introducing the next generation of lawyers to intellectual property and patent law in ways that equip them for the unimaginable. So when we do travel faster than light, our students will be ready.

Helping them get there is alumna Margo Bagley 96L, who is spending half of each year teaching at Emory Law, through the 2013-14  academic year. A professor of law at the University of Virginia School of Law, her most recent scholarship includes work on patent and non-patent protection for pharmaceuticals as well as two forthcoming books on issues in the global patent system. Over a decade ago, while on the faculty fulltime, Bagley helped found Emory Law’s Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results (ti:ger)® program, which trains students to translate promising research into economically viable products, moving new ideas from lab to marketplace. The program’s one-of-a-kind partnership between Emory Law and Georgia Tech unites law, business and engineering students in teams focused on projects ranging from water-testing devices to cures for cancer.

Associate Dean of Faculty and Professor Timothy Holbrook , as well as Associate Professor Liza Vertinsky, are at the center of the IP expertise that Emory Law offers its students.

Holbrook’s articles on domestic and international patent law and the patenting of human genes have appeared in publications including the Indiana Law Journal, Minnesota Law Review, William and Mary Law Review and Science magazine.

Vertinsky’s decade of experience working with high-tech and biotech startups and her pathbreaking analysis of the regulatory architecture of innovation, published in the Alabama Law Review, Houston Law Review and elsewhere, add further to the impact of Emory Law’s programs.

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