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War. Terrorism. The Law

When is wartime? And why does it matter?

Acclaimed legal historian Mary L. Dudziak says that common assumptions about

wartime no longer fit contemporary experience. We assume that war comes and goes, and that normal time is peacetime. But U.S. military engagement is now continuous, even if the American people are more isolated from its impact. The result? Concentrated power in the president and diminished checks on the war power. This is among the many innovative perspectives that Guggenheim fellowship recipient Dudziak brings to the table.

Dudziak believes we can better understand war’s impact on democracy if we bring other disciplines to bear. Under her direction, Emory Law will explore this possibility with its new Project on War and Security in Law, Culture and Society—which seeks to unite scholars in law, political science, history, anthropology and other areas. For its kick-off event at Emory University School of Law on October 22, 2012, Professor John Fabian Witt of Yale Law School will give a public lecture on his new book Lincoln’s Code: The Laws of War in American History. Using Sherman’s infamous assault on Atlanta as a starting point, Witt will explore the way history illuminates the urgent question of whether conduct in war can be regulated by law.


AB, University of California, Berkeley; JD, MA, MPhil and PhD, Yale University

Recent books

War Time: An Idea, Its History, Its Consequences (Oxford University Press, 2012)

Exporting American Dreams: Thurgood Marshall’s African Journey (Oxford University Press, 2008)

Recent articles and book chapters

“Law, Power, and ‘Rumors of War’: Robert Jackson Confronts Law and Security after Nuremberg,” 60 Buffalo Law Review 367 (2012)

“Law, War, and the History of Time,” 98 California Law Review 1669 (2010)

A Sword and a Shield: The Uses of Law in the Bush Administration, in The Presidency of George W. Bush: A First Historical Assessment (Princeton University Press, Julian Zelizer, ed., 2010)

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