December 19, 2012 09:37 Age: 1 yrs

University of Melbourne Organizes Symposium on Ruskola’s Scholarship

The Institute for International Law and the Humanities at the University of Melbourne hosted a Dec. 5 symposium on "China and the Human,” based on a special issue of the journal Social Text, co-edited by Emory Law Professor Teemu Ruskola, Professor David Eng (University of Pennsylvania) and Professor Shuang Shen (Pennsylvania State University).

The issue features essays by contributors from four continents and several disciplines. Collectively, the essays examine “China's evolving status as a legal, cultural, anthropological, and bio-political subject, in terms of evolving conceptions of the human, humanism, and human rights,” Ruskola said.

For the symposium, the University of Melbourne invited invited Professor Ruskola and Professor Eng to join an interdisciplinary group of Australian scholars for a conversation on human rights, immigration, and law and the humanities, framed around the larger theme of “China and the Human.”

Ruskola presented a historical and theoretical analysis of how law has been used to evaluate China's standing in the international legal order, drawing upon his forthcoming book, Legal Orientalism: China, the United States, and Modern Law (Harvard University Press, May 2013).

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