December 5, 2011 15:40 Age: 2 yrs

Turner Environmental Clinic Reports on Urban Agriculture in 16 U.S. Metros

A detailed analysis of urban farming policies in 16 U.S. metro cities by the Turner Environmental Law Clinic and Georgia Organics has been cited by EcoWatch, a news service website that covers grassroots environmental efforts.

The Turner Environmental Clinic is working with the city of Atlanta to draft “one of the most expansive urban agriculture zoning codes in the country,” said Mindy Goldstein, the clinic’s acting director. “We prepared this report to highlight some of the best practices being employed across the country.” Principal authors were Goldstein and Turner Environmental Law Clinic student attorneys Jennifer Bellis 12L, Sarah Morse 11L, Amelia Myers 13L and Elizabeth Ura 13L.

 “This report represents one of the most comprehensive, objective presentations of current urban agriculture policies,” reads the accompanying article by Georgia Organics.

“Some cities have reacted in a nimble manner, creating conditions that have allowed urban food production to thrive. Other cities are struggling to identify the best mechanisms to spur urban agriculture,” the article continues. “What is evident is that there is no one-size fits all policy to address urban agriculture. Each community needs its own nuanced approach to balance the land it has available with the needs of its residents.”

In 2010, Atlanta announced its goal for 75 percent of residents to have access to fresh, locally grown food within 10 minutes of their home by 2020.

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