March 26, 2012 15:29 Age: 2 yrs

Satz quoted in Conservation story on Feral Cats v. Endangered Birds

The high-profile case of a wildlife biologist convicted of poisoning cats in Washington, D.C., has fueled debate over how to solve the problem of feral cats whose hunting creates another hazard for birds—especially those belonging to endangered species.

“The wildlife biologist turned cat poisoner is the latest round in a bitter battle over tens of millions of free-roaming feline hunters,” the story says.

Associate Professor of Law Ani Satz was quoted in the spring 2012 edition of Conservation in the story “Catfight,” by John Carey.

“We should be blaming ourselves for this problem,” Satz said. “The legal and policy response has to help both birds and cats, not pit one species against another.”

Better solutions would include mandatory, subsidized spaying and neutering, rules requiring cats to have collars and be kept inside, efforts to cover dumpsters and eliminate other food sources, and heavy penalties for people who dump animals, Satz said.

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