June 21, 2010 11:31 Age: 4 yrs

Recent Grad Wins ACS Student Writing Competition

Recent Emory Law graduate Alex Whitman 10L won the 2010 American Constitution Society National Student Writing Competition for his paper “From the Shores of Tripoli to the Deserts of Iraq: Congress and the President in Offensive and Defensive Wars.” Whitman received a cash prize for his work and was recognized at the ACS National Convention on June 17-19.

The ACS National Student Writing Competition welcomes papers furthering and promoting a progressive vision of the Constitution, law and public policy. Whitman’s paper explores which branch—executive or legislative—the war power is entrusted to in offensive and defensive wars.

“I focused the analysis on America's first undeclared wars, the Barbary Wars of the early 1800s, and the actions of Presidents Jefferson and Madison, Congress and early commentators,” Whitman says.

“I concluded that Congress must give its approval for an offensive war and must declare war as instructed by the Constitution if the United States initiates the conflict," Whitman says. "This is especially important in the wake of the United States' adoption of a policy of preemptive war.”

An abstract of Whitman’s winning paper can be found on the ACS website.

Whitman also was selected as one of 15 law school winners of the 2010 Burton Award for Legal Achievement for his article “Pinpoint Redistricting and the Minimization of Partisan Gerrymandering.”

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