December 21, 2012 14:11 Age: 1 yrs

Professor Holbrook Quoted on Whether Supreme Court Will Find Human Genes Unpatentable

“For decades, the United States has pioneered the patenting of human genes, and other countries have followed this lead. But the U.S. will soon perform an abrupt about-face, most experts predict,” Steven Seidenberg writes in a Dec. 21 post for Intellectual Property Watch. “When the US Supreme Court hands down its decision in Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, the justices appear likely to rule that human genes are not patentable subject matter. And the ruling may go even farther, holding that other forms of human DNA are not patentable.”

Emory Law Associate Dean of Faculty and Professor of Law Timothy Holbrook was an expert source for the story, which you may read via subscription here, or by downloading a PDF of the full story.

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