February 15, 2007 14:11 Age: 7 yrs

Professor Freer Quoted on Forbes.com

Profressor Richard Freer

Professor Richard Freer was asked by Forbes.com to comment on the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005, designed to prevent class action abuse. The legislation expanded federal jurisdiction over class action lawsuits primarily to reduce so-called "forum shopping," where plaintiffs search for the locale friendliest to class action cases and file with those courts.

A panel of lawyers met in Washington D.C. is discuss the legislation, and Freer was contacted by Forbes.com to provide an academic perspective for the article. Freer stated that the problems with the law are largely due to how Congress drafted it with "terms that beg litigation."

"Jurisdictional statutes ought to be as clear as they can be," he said, referencing the two-year-old statute's jurisdictional grant that is so broad cases could bounce around between state and federal courts and between trial and appellate courts.

"Congress is not doing a careful job of drafting these statutes. What they did is just create a heck of a lot of work for the federal judges," Freer added.

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