May 20, 2005 14:04 Age: 9 yrs

Professor Fineman Releases New Book on Law and Feminism

By: Beverly James

A new book written by Professor Martha A. Fineman, "Feminism Confronts Homo Economicus: Gender, Law and Society," has already garnered considerable praise by scholars in the field. The book, published by Cornell University Press, is considered a major contribution to the studies of law, feminism and economics. Fineman is a Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Law and a Senior Fellow at the Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Religion at Emory Law School.

"The book is an extraordinary volume that brings together a wide selection of important essays at the intersection of feminism, law and economics," said Teemu Ruskola, of American University Law School. "Highly diverse in its methodological and disciplinary orientations as well as in the subject matter it addresses, this book will be of immediate and enduring interest to multiple audiences."

Drawing on the latest thinking in the fields of feminist legal theory, critical legal studies and feminist economics, the essays critique the notion that legal and policy decisions should be made solely through the lens of economics.

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