April 18, 2005 09:46 Age: 9 yrs

Professor Carney Featured in Article on Sony Lawsuit

By: Beverly James

Professor William Carney, an expert on corporate law, is quoted in the April 6 edition of "Knowledge @ Emory" regarding Sony's efforts to dominate the marketplace once again. In it's latest challenge, only weeks after introducing a new handheld version of its PlayStation 2 game, a U.S. district Court judge in California ruled that Sony had infringed on two patents held by another company, Immersion. The judge ruled that Sony owes Immersion $90 million for past damages, but granted Sony a stay until the company appeals.

Despite the bad new, Sony may still be able to get its groove back by settling the case, Carney explained. "Typically, most business litigation is settled. We're only talking about price," Carney said.

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