March 1, 2005 07:52 Age: 9 yrs

Professor Broyde's Family Law Expertise Draws Broadcast Media

By: Beverly James

Professor Michael Broyde, academic director of the Law and Religion Program at Emory Law School, has been featured on several broadcasts stations on family and constitutional law cases. On February 28, Broyde was on television news stations in Dallas, Texas, West Palm Beach and Fort Myers, Fla., Memphis, Tenn., and Columbus, Ga., regarding how judges affect families. According to Broyde, judges may order parents to modify their behavior if it is depriving their children of minimal care.

Broyde was featured on CNN and Tampa, Fla.'s, Bay News 9 on February 27 on a bigamy case. Broyde discussed the case of a woman accused of marrying several men during the same period of time and conning them out of their money. Also, Broyde discussed a Nashville freedom of speech case on Atlanta's Fox News affiliate.

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