August 5, 2008 01:15 Age: 6 yrs

Nourse’s Book Reviewed by Oklahoman, Boston Globe

Victoria Nourse

Emory Law Professor Victoria Nourse’s recently released book, In Reckless Hands: Skinner v. Oklahoma and the Near-Triumph of American Eugenics, is discussed in an article in The Oklahoman. In Reckless Hands is a comprehensive study of American eugenics, particularly the Supreme Court case of Skinner v. Oklahoma, in which inmates from an Oklahoma prison challenged the state’s sterilization laws.

The book was previously featured in a Boston Globe article on July 27. In the article, Nourse discusses her interest in the case, the influence of Nazi eugenics on American eugenics, and the role of genetic research. Nourse also was interviewed about the book on NPR’s Diane Rehm Show July 29.


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