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New Federalism Explored at Emory Law's Thrower Symposium

Randolph W. Thrower

Emory Law's 26th Annual Randolph W. Thrower Symposium Friday, Feb. 23 will explore "The New Federalism: Plural Governance in a Decentered World." Building on last year's event, panels will examine the cross-jurisdictional interactions of government entities in both transnational and comparative settings.  

According to Professor Robert Schapiro, an expert on constitutional law, federalism has been the focus of renewed interest in the United States in recent years, and issues surrounding layers of governance have assumed a greater significance throughout the world.  

“In many arenas, the nation-state no longer represents the sole source of legal regulation,” Schapiro said. “Supranational bodies, such as the European Union and the World Trade Organization, create rules that overlap—and even supersede—national laws. The adoption of constitutional federalism in new settings, such as Iraq and Ethiopia, allows for additional levels of laws.”  

Schapiro said the study of governance as defined in today's society, requires a focus on the interaction of these various legal domains. “Intersystemic challenges encompass all areas of governance,” he said, “with the interaction of state and federal governments in the United States providing but one example. This year's conference probes the broader, global phenomenon of intersystemic governance, expanding on last year's symposium on federalism.”  

Individual panels will address federalism and transnational governance, comparative federalism, federalism and intersystemic governance, and innovations in federalism. The symposium begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends with a reception from 4-5:30 p.m. Registration begins at 7:30 a.m.

The symposium includes some of the preeminent scholars on the topic of federalism, including:  

  • Mark Tushnet, Harvard Law School, an expert on comparative constitutional orders
  • Judith Resnik, Yale Law School, who has written on various facets of federalism, including the relationship between U.S. federalism and international law
  • Abdullahi An-Na'im, Emory Law, an expert on Islamic constitutional law
  • Brendan O'Leary, University of Pennsylvania, who has studied federalism in Iraq and Ireland  

The Randolph W. Thrower Symposium is part of an endowed lecture series sponsored by the Thrower family and hosted by the Emory Law Journal and Emory University School of Law. The symposium is free and open to the public. Five hours of general CLE credit are available for a $50 registration fee. Lunch will be provided for all registered participants.   

Registration in advance is strongly encouraged. Participants may register online at www.emorylawjournal.org. For more information, please e-mail us at thrower(at)law.emory.edu.    

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