October 3, 2011 13:53 Age: 3 yrs

Michael S. Kang, Associate Dean of Faculty and Professor of Law

Race, Reform, and Regulation of the Electoral Process
Cambridge University Press, 2011

Representing leading voices in election law and social science, this new volume explores three interlocking themes: the relationship between race and politics; the performance and reform of election systems; and the role of courts in regulating the political process.

Michael Kang and co-editors Guy-Uriel E. Charles and Heather K. Gerken write, “Because most of the democratic reform during the 20th century has related to the central subject of race, election law and reform have been framed largely in rights-based terms. However, American democracy has matured and racial politics have evolved. ... As we move away from the civil-rights paradigm and regulation centered largely around race, we may find that courts should play a less central role in regulating politics, something that would require us to develop new regulatory strategies and institutions for policing our democracy.”

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