January 26, 2011 16:27 Age: 3 yrs

Meet the Class of 2013: Ed Patterson 13L

Ed Patterson 13L
U.S. Army Captain

From: Washington, D.C.

Undergraduate institution: University of Chicago

Degree: History

Why Emory Law? It was a combination of the quality of the faculty, the warmth of the community and location. Thankfully, the admission office also was very generous with its scholarship offer.

Fun fact: I just got married over the summer and spent several weeks in Southeast Asia on my honeymoon.

Application excerpt: Having to adapt quickly to uncomfortable or stressful situations had been required throughout my earlier life. In Iraq, I confronted the most complicated situation yet, but learned quickly and led endeavors that advanced our military interests by building and repairing, not destroying things. Being an officer in the Army taught me not only how to rise to the challenge in unfamiliar situations, as I had before, but how to be a leader in them.

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