January 11, 2010 13:41 Age: 4 yrs

Maj. Gen. Kelly Speaks About the Rule of Law in Iraq

John M. Dowd 65L (left) and his wife, Carole L. Dowd 65L, helped bring Maj. Gen. John F. Kelly to Emory Law in September. Dowd was a captain in the Marine Corps and a member of the Judge Advocate General Corps. Dowd and Kelly are friends.

“We weren’t there to conquer Iraq, but we were, in our hearts, there to liberate these people from a very, very terrible time,” said Maj. Gen. John F. Kelly during his lecture. The deputy commanding general of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force spoke about establishing the rule the law in the Al Anbar province.

During his visit, Maj. Gen. Kelly met with Emory Law’s International Humanitarian Law Clinic and attended Professor Charles A. Shanor’s antiterrorism class.

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