March 23, 2011 10:51 Age: 3 yrs

MacMillan Law Library Celebrates 15th Anniversary

The Hugh F. MacMillan Law Library celebrates its 15th anniversary today. Named in honor of the alumnus, Hugh F. MacMillan 34L, who helped launch the building with a donation, the building opened in 1995 and was dedicated on March 23, 1996.

“The MacMillan Law Library has kept pace with the rapid rate of change, thanks in large part to the prescience of the architects and planners who designed flexibility and adaptability into the new building, and to the expertise and dedication of the entire library staff,” says Mark Engsberg, director of the library and assistant professor of law.

Law libraries have altered dramatically since the mid-1990s. Perhaps most notable is the growth and development of digital resources, which are more prevalent and in demand by faculty and students now.

Today’s library staff consists of 16 professionals, which includes 10 law librarians. Five librarians hold law degrees as well as master’s degrees in library science. In addition, there are six full-time dedicated and efficient paraprofessional staff members.

The library’s collection of nearly 400,000 volumes and volume-equivalents includes primary and secondary resources in United States and British law as well as international law. A wireless network throughout the library provides easy access to a growing list of databases and to the Internet.

A unique feature of the law library is its art collection throughout the building.

“While MacMillan is first and foremost a law library and not an art gallery, its art displays have proven to be very popular with Emory Law’s faculty and students,” Engsberg says. “There are regular showings of paintings, photographs, lithographs and other visual arts by local artists. These displays change at least three times a year.

“We are proud of the MacMillan Law Library’s 15 years of service to the Emory Law community and to the entire University community, and we are proud of the attractive and unique building in which most of that work occurs."

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