January 12, 2010 10:34 Age: 4 yrs


Dear Editor:
I enjoyed reading the Summer edition of the Emory Lawyer, but noticed one thing that I believe is incorrect — unless I am having a “senior moment.” In the section titled “Why We Give,” the article on William E. Shanks Jr. on page 38 indicated that he “and his classmates were the first ones to spend all three years in Gambrell Hall.” In point of fact, it was our Class of 1975 that was the first to go all three years in the new building. It is not often that you want to claim to be the oldest at having done something, but I believe if you check your records you will find that to be correct.

Sincerely yours,
Carlile M. Chambers 75L
Editor’s note: Mr. Chambers is indeed correct about the first class to spend all three years in Gambrell Hall. The story should have said Mr. Shanks and his classmates were among the first to spend all three years in Gambrell Hall. Emory Lawyer regrets the error.

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