January 10, 2012 08:35 Age: 2 yrs

Legal Teams Benefit from Process-Based Writing Checklists, Romig Says

Teams writing on complex legal issues need a roadmap and timetable to ensure success, writes Jennifer Murphy Romig in an article published in the December edition of the Georgia Bar Journal. Romig is an instructor at Emory Law’s Legal Writing, Research and Advocacy Program.

“Teams of legal writers beginning a project, especially a long, complex or high-stakes project, can benefit from using a process-based checklist of short check-ins at various points throughout the project,” Romig writes in “Checklists for Powerful, Efficient Legal Writing.”

“Process-based checklists force team members to communicate and brainstorm problems and solutions at specified points during the team project,” she adds.

Outcome based lists can prevent veering off subject, costly rewriting and may help anticipate counter-arguments, Romig says.

For solo practitioners, checklists “can remind the writer of the expected parts of such a document, and can make the writing process more efficient by helping the writer break down a writing project into smaller pieces.”

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