September 6, 2011 11:59 Age: 3 yrs

Jewish Widows Face Grim Task to Identify Spouses as 9/11 victims

An article by Emory's Michael J. Broyde and Yona Reiss was published Aug. 31 in St. Louis Jewish Light on Jewish law and widowhood. Broyde is professor of law and a senior fellow at the Center for the Study of Law Religion

"According to Jewish law, a woman cannot remarry unless she has definitive proof of her husband’s death, lest she inadvertently enter into an adulterous relationship. Jewish law dictates that death can be proven in three ways: physical evidence, eyewitness testimony of the death and certain confirmation that the person had been in a situation in which survival was essentially impossible.

Absent such proof, this would leave Jewish wives of those killed at the World Trade Center in the position of classic agunot – “chained” women, left in a legal marriage with one who most likely was dead."

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