June 23, 2010 13:59 Age: 4 yrs

IN BRIEF: Emory StreetLaw Helps Reach 80 HIgh School Students

Emory Law’s StreetLaw program, part of a national effort to teach high schoolers about the law and legal system, teamed up with King & Spalding LLP and the Coca-Cola Co. to reach more than 80 minority students in 2009—2010.

“We had 23 law students teaching high school students consumer law, First Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights, intellectual property law and family law for about eight weeks during the year,” says Nicole Brisbane 10L, one of the Emory student leaders.

Coca-Cola representatives included Simone Deny, the pro bono representative, and Kenya Pierre. The joint effort of lawyers and law students worked with Mays, Therrell and Booker T. Washington high schools.

The program teaches high school students how the law affects their daily lives and creates a diversity pipeline program for law schools.

“We prepared lesson plans and worked around our own class schedules to do this,” Brisbane says.

The high school students responded well, she says. “They loved it. They really got into the subject matter and were curious. They asked a lot of questions and were more comfortable asking us questions than the lawyers because we were the younger faces in the classroom, which made the law and law school more tangible to them.”

The program ended with a half-day conference at Coca-Cola to review lessons learned.

“We discussed next steps for seniors and looked at historical Coke memorabilia as well as the legal implications of the company’s advertising campaigns through years,” Brisbane says.

Participating Emory Law students were:

  • Nicole Brisbane 10L
  • Meghan McIntee 10L
  • Pamela Rosen 10L 10PH
  • Stacy Tolos 10L
  • Aliyya Haque 12L
  • Ally Gold 11L
  • Audrey Patten 12L
  • Chris Sperry 12L
  • Dan Shulak 04C 10L
  • Dominique Martinez 10L
  • Doug Arborio 09B 12L
  • Grace Park 12L
  • Jason Vaupen 12L
  • Kristin Romano 12L
  • Lindsay Van Houten 12L
  • Melissa Softness 12L
  • Paula Nagarajan 10L
  • Rachel Berube 12L
  • Rob Twomey 12L
  • Sara Hamilton 12L
  • Shar-Day Smith 11L
  • Song Choi 12L
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