November 15, 2011 13:05 Age: 2 yrs

Georgia Coaches Not Obligated to Report Child Abuse, Tucker says

While former Penn State Coach Joe Paterno was fired for failure to follow through to protect a child from alleged abuse, a coach in Georgia in similar circumstances would have no legal obligation to go to authorities, legal scholars say.

In a Fulton County Daily Report story posted Nov. 14, Kosha Tucker, the 2011-2012 Robin Nash Fellow at Emory Law’s Barton Child Law and Policy Center, says the state’s child abuse reporting laws do not apply to Georgia’s higher education employees.

"There might be internal policies that govern what a university would have to do, but under Georgia law there's no requirement for them to notify anyone. There would be no legal consequences," Tucker said.

Former DeKalb County Prosecutor J. Tom Morgan agreed.

"A coach would not be considered a school teacher or administrator. … He would not be required to report under our child abuse reporting statute," Morgan said.

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