March 23, 2010 16:45 Age: 4 yrs

Emory Law Hosts Society for Environmental Law and Economics Meeting

Emory University School of Law hosted the second annual meeting of the Society for Environmental Law and Economics on March 26-27, 2010. Co-sponsored with the University of Sydney, the conference drew scholars from the fields of law, economics, public policy, and environmental studies. Conference participants hailed from seven countries on five continents.

A detailed schedule for the meeting is available here.

Papers presented:

Matthew D. Adler, “Future Generations: A Prioritarian View”

Fjorentina Angjellari-Dajci, “Conservation of Information: Review of Natural Resources in Georgia”

Akanksha Bhagat, “Selling Endangered Species to Save Them: Market-Based Incentives as a Means of Protection”

Celeste M. Black, “Tax Accounting for Transactions under an Emissions Trade Scheme: An Australasian Perspective”

William W. Buzbee, “Climate as an Innovation Imperative: Federalism, Institutional Pluralism and Incentive Effects”

Howard Chang & Hilary Sigman, “An Empirical Analysis of Cost Recovery in Superfund Cases”

Daniel H. Cole & Peter Z. Grossman, “Institutions matter! Why the Herder Problem is not a Prisoner’s Dilemma”

Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci & Josephine van Zeben, “Legal v. Economic Uncertainty in the EU ETS”

Brian Galle & Manuel A. Utset, “Is Cap-and-Trade Fair to the Poor? Short-Sighted Households and the Timing of Consumption Taxes”

Shi-Ling Hsu, “A Game-Theoretic Model of International Climate Change Negotiations”

Daniel B. Kelly, "Strategic Spillovers"

Dr. Suzanne Kingston, “Integrating Environmental Protection and Competition Law in the European Community: Why Competition Isn’t Special”

Jan G. Laitos & Misty Sims, “Encouraging Cooperative Resource Games by Granting Natural Resources a Right of Nonuse”

Pierce Lehr, "Ethanol the Catalyst for Prevention in the Third World"

Andrew Long, “Adaptation Through Voluntary Certification: A Proposal for Maximizing Co-Benefits in REDD"

Frank T. Lorne & Petra Dilling, “Creating Values for Sustainability: Engage Stakeholders in Forging Incentive Alignment for Finance and Accounting”

Rosemary Lyster, “The New Frontier of Climate Law: Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation"

Yoram Margalioth, “Tax Policy Analysis of Climate Change”

Jonathan S. Masur & Jonathan R. Nash, “The Institutional Dynamics of Transition Relief”

Jonathan Masur & Eric A. Posner, “Against Feasibility Analysis”

James R. May, “Costs, the Supreme Court, and Entergy et al. v. EPA et al A Cast Study"

Cherie Metcalf, “Measuring the Impact of Judicial Adjustments to Property Rights: Resource Industries and Aboriginal Rights in Canada”

Douglas S. Noonan & Jennifer M. Chirico, “Legal Challenges, TIFs, and a Greenbelt Project: Lessons in Timing and Mismatches”

Douglas S. Noonan,” National Park Creation: Different Agents’ Incentives and the Antiquities Act of 1906”

Tracey M. Roberts, “Mitigating the Distributional Impacts of Climate Change Policy”

Josephine van Zeben & Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci, “Market-Based Instruments and the (European) Judiciary”

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