June 3, 2008 13:36 Age: 6 yrs

Emory Law Hosts Inaugural Conference of Transactional Law Center

The Emory Law Center for Transactional Law and Practice hosted its inaugural conference, Teaching Drafting and Transactional Skills: The Basics and Beyond, May 30-31. Organized by the Center’s executive director, Tina Stark, the conference brought together transactional law professors and professionals from 92 law schools and several law firms, which Stark noted as “a testament to the importance that law schools are now giving transactional pedagogy.”

“Our conference is a watershed in the evolution of transactional education,” Stark said. “It is the first conference that addresses the teaching of both drafting and transactional skills. To be the host of such a conference is clear evidence of Emory's leadership role in the advance of this new pedagogy.”

The two-day conference served as a “train the trainers” program for those involved in the teaching of transactional law and contract drafting. Phillip Knott, Professor of Professional Legal Education at Nottingham Trent University Law School delivered the conference’s keynote address, and more than 60 presenters lead education sessions on topics such as “Teaching Transactional

Skills in First-year Writing Courses” and “Using Technology to Teach Contract Drafting.”

Established in 2007, the Center for Transactional Law and Practice is one major component of Emory Law’s strategic plan. Under Stark’s leadership, the Center positions Emory Law at the forefront of legal education by integrating professional and transactional skills with traditional legal training.

For more information about the Center’s inaugural conference, visit www.law.emory.edu/contractdrafting.

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