December 2, 2008 15:56 Age: 5 yrs

Emory Law and Gozansky to be Honored by CLEO

The Council on Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO) will honor Emory School of Law and Emory Law Professor Nathaniel E. Gozansky at its Southeast Region 40th anniversary celebration, Thursday, Dec. 11, at 6:30 p.m., at the Atlanta History Center. Emory Law will be recognized for its role in the development and implementation of CLEO’s summer institute, which seeks to increase minority law school enrollment.
CLEO was founded as a nonprofit entity of the American Bar Association with the goal of expanding opportunities for minority, low-income and disadvantaged students to attend law school. The organization’s first program – a summer institute – was modeled after Emory University’s Pre-Start Program, created in 1966 by former Dean Ben F. Johnson Jr. to test law school readiness as an alternative to the LSAT. Pre-Start guaranteed law school admission to black college graduates who completed the program. In 1968, Emory, along with the University of Denver, Harvard University and the University of California, Los Angeles, hosted the first CLEO-sponsored summer institute. Professor Mike Devito, a former Emory Law faculty member and the first director of the Pre-Start program, will accept the award on Emory’s behalf.

CLEO also will present an award to Professor Gozansky for his contributions as associate director of the national CLEO program during the 1970s. In addition to his oversight of the summer institutes for three years, Professor Gozansky lead the effort to transfer funding from the Office of Economic Opportunity, which was at risk of being abolished, to the Department of Education, thus securing CLEO’s future. He also is responsible for moving the organization’s headquarters from Atlanta to Washington, D.C.
The ABA is hosting six regional celebrations to commemorate the work of the CLEO. The Atlanta celebration is in recognition of Emory’s founding role and will honor key local leaders, including the Honorable Sanford D. Bishop Jr. and the Honorable Leah Ward Sears, two Emory Law alumni. For more information about CLEO and its 40th anniversary celebrations, please visit

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