January 6, 2010 17:08 Age: 4 yrs

DEAN'S VIEW: LRAP Helps Alumni Make a Difference

By: Dean David F. Partlett

This issue of Emory Lawyer focuses on a matter of great consequence: the impact the recession has had on the legal profession.

We gain insight by reporting on conversations with alumni who have been affected. Those working in legal recruiting and within small, mid-size and large law firms offer predictions of the future of our profession. In addition, some of our recent graduates discuss how they are adjusting their plans in positive ways in light of these new realities.

The need for lawyers to work in the public interest has never been more imperative. Our recent graduates and other young lawyers around the country are rising to the challenge. Lawyers are finding they can gain practical legal experience while making a difference in the lives of others.

Emory Law offers a program to help our recent graduates that often doesn’t garner a lot of attention— the Loan Repayment Assistance Program. lrap helps defray student loan repayments so Emory Law graduates may take positions in public interest they might not otherwise be able to afford.

These public interest graduates do commendable work within our communities. Haley Schwartz 05L, profiled in this issue, is a perfect example.

Four years ago, Schwartz started the Breast Cancer Legal Project as part of an Equal Justice Works fellowship. Building on work done at the time by Atlanta Legal Aid, the project helps clients who face a range of legal issues related to their fight with cancer.

Schwartz now works with Atlanta Legal Aid and hopes to expand the project to serve people with different types of cancer. The American Cancer Society honored her with the 2009 Lane W. Adams Quality of Life Award for her work.

Schwartz says her work with Atlanta Legal Aid challenges her as a young lawyer by exposing her to many different areas of the law. A recipient of LRAP grants for several years, she believes the program is an integral part in helping her continue her work with Atlanta Legal Aid.

For Schwartz and many other recent graduates, LRAP offers the opportunity to pursue their passion without constantly worrying about repaying their student loans. This program would not be possible without donations from alumni and friends like you. As we continue to ride out this economic storm, I ask you to consider making a gift to Emory Law’s lrap to support the work being done by Schwartz and other alumni. Simply visit www.law.emory.edu/give.

At its heart, law is about service to others. By supporting Emory Law’s LRAP, you help ensure our graduates can continue to work for the common good in their communities for years to come.

David F. Partlett
Dean and Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Law

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