October 10, 2012 17:51 Age: 2 yrs

Scholars and Leaders

Our new deans engage their colleagues, their fields and the world.

A leading constitutional law scholar and new dean of Emory Law, Robert A. Schapiro delivers the kind of incisive analysis and forward thinking that legal minds worldwide — be they scholars, students, or practitioners — want and need.

In addition to Schapiro’s new role, Emory Law has appointed:

  • Professor Robert Ahdieh as Vice Dean. He continues his service as Director of Emory Law’s Center on Federalism and Intersystemic Governance.

  • Emory’s new Associate Dean of Faculty is Professor Timothy Holbrook, a nationally renowned scholar of patent law.

All three deans are beloved by students and are highly productive scholars:

  • Schapiro’s work on constitutional law has appeared in journals including the California Law Review, Cornell Law Review and Stanford Law Review. He is also the author of Polyphonic Federalism: Toward the Protection of Fundamental Rights (University of Chicago Press, 2009).

  • Ahdieh’s research on the law and economics of regulation has been published in journals such as the Michigan Law Review, NYU Law Review and Southern California Law Review.

  • Holbrook’s most recent work includes a volume on U.S. patent law, forthcoming from the Oxford University Press, as well as articles in the Indiana Law Journal and Minnesota Law Review.

With their commitment to scholarship and teaching, our new deans are building a culture that produces exceptional lawyers who can grapple with our most complex problems — providing expert legal guidance to leading corporations, advancing the public interest, and making decisions for cities, states and nations. Schapiro, Ahdieh and Holbrook are at the center of a scholarly law school that engages the world.

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