January 11, 2010 12:09 Age: 4 yrs

Barton Clinic Receives National Recognition

By: Liz Chilla

Karen Worthington 94L 06G

Karen L. Worthington 94L 06G, director of Emory Law’s Barton Child Law and Policy Clinic, received the 2009 Outstanding Legal Advocacy Award in August from the National Association of Counsel for Children for her efforts to fight for children’s rights in Georgia.

Georgia Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver 72L (D-Decatur) nominated Worthington, whom she describes as a “pioneer in children’s law in Georgia.”

The NACC is a membership association for nonprofit organizations focused on child advocacy. The Outstanding Legal Advocacy Award honors those making “significant contributions to enhancing the well-being of children through legal representation and other advocacy efforts,” according to the NACC.

“The award speaks about the work that we do at the clinic,” Worthington said, referring to the clinic’s efforts.
Additionally, Barton Juvenile Defender Clinic Director Randee Waldman is a co-author of Defending Clients Who Have Been Searched and Interrogated at School: A Guide for Juvenile Defenders, published by the National Juvenile Defender Center.

The guide—which is a collaboration of the njdc, the Barton Juvenile Defender Clinic and the Youth Advocacy Project of the Committee for Public Counsel Services in Massachusetts—provides an overview of the law relating to school searches and interrogations, as well as practice tips for juvenile defense attorneys whose clients have been searched or interrogated at school. It will be distributed to juvenile defenders across the country.

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