March 24, 2011 13:38 Age: 3 yrs

Barton Center Program to Review Prescription Drugs in Georgia’s Foster Care

Emory Law’s Barton Child Law and Policy Center, in partnership with the Georgia Department of Human Services and other community organizations, has launched a pilot program to review prescription patterns of psychotropic drugs for children in Georgia’s foster care system. The program is a result of a collaborative agreement with Casey Family Programs and will operate out of the Barton Center.

“Many children in foster care have been traumatized and are in need of quality mental health treatment. However, multiple overlapping layers of prescription drugs is not always quality care,” said Georgia Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver 72L (D-Decatur). “This Casey Family Programs grant will help us develop a plan for better mental health care, and I am grateful for their timely participation.”

According to Department of Community Health cost reports and file reviews, children in foster care are prescribed psychotropic drugs at a high rate.

Oliver and Rep. Judy Manning (R-Marietta) sponsored House Bill 23, which would create an independent medical review for prescription drug use of children in state custody. The bill also would require DHS to develop an independent medical review of psychotropic medications and to define the proper authority for consenting to prescription drugs for children in foster care.

HB 23 is currently under review in the House Health and Human Services Committee. Learn more about HB 23.

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