August 31, 2011 13:34 Age: 3 yrs

An-Na’im cited in article on Libya’s future

A Huffington Post column by Emory Law’s Abdullahi Ahmed’s An-Na'im was cited in an Aug. 23 article published in The Christian Post on whether Libya might transition from a dictatorship to a theocracy. An-Na'im is the Charles Howard Candler Professor of Law.

 As rebels seek to overthrow the government of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, the possibility of using Sharia, or Islamic law, within a new constitution has been rumored.

 "Enforcing a Sharia through coercive power of the state negates its religious nature, because Muslims would be observing the law of the state and not freely performing their religious obligation as Muslims,” An-Na'im wrote.

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